Queen City P.I. is a private investigation firm based in Burlington, Vermont.  We provide professional, reliable, detail oriented investigations for clients throughout the U.S. and Vermont.

Background checks

Queen City P.I. assists attorneys, businesses, and investors in performing due diligence background checks.  We combine deep online research, offline public records searches, and personal interviews to provide you with the most comprehensive background report available.  Depending on your needs, we can tailor the background check to focus on criminal history, civil litigation, business relationships or assets check.  By hiring a private investigator for your background check, you can make informed decisions before embarking on a new business venture or hiring a new employee.

All information in our background reports is obtained lawfully and ethically.  Discounted rates may apply if your organization is a Non-Profit, or if you are seeking a background check to screen potential employees as caregivers for the elderly, disabled, or children.

Criminal defense investigation

Queen City P.I. works with attorneys nationally and locally to identify and locate helpful witnesses for their criminal defense cases. Once these witnesses are identified, we work closely with the attorney to help build a defense case by interviewing witnesses in person, gathering relevant facts, and providing detailed written reports to the attorney.  An in-person witness interview will usually reveal more telling details than a simple phone call from the attorney’s office, and will often reveal additional witnesses for follow up investigations.  We also work with attorneys throughout the sentencing process, helping to tell a more personal story about the defendant’s history and positive character traits. We interview character witnesses, family, and friends to help the defense team find and weave the common threads to these stories to get the defendant the best result possible at sentencing.

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Active member of VAISS and NCISS.

Licensed and insured.